QNET Best Holiday Picks 2015

It is that time of year again – the time of looking back at the year gone by. What a year it has been! It is also the perfect excuse to shower your loved ones with presents you know they will appreciate.

Instead of going back to the same old generic gifts of clothes, appliances and electronics, read through this list of hand-picked QNET products that are perfect gifts for the number one people in your life.

Not only that, send a special festive message this holiday season to let your network and prospects know that you’re thinking of them, exclusively available to QNET Life Site subscribers.

Watches and Jewellery

Designed for modern woman, the Bernhard H. Mayer® Force Artemis Leather serves as an excellent present this holiday season. What a way to start the New Year with this gorgeous piece on your wrist. If you are a frequent traveller, the Bernhard H. Mayer® La Retrograde Explorer will be a perfect companion for you. With its high-quality leather and sleek metallic perfection, this timepiece is indeed one in a million.

Fancy some classy jewellery pieces for the women in your life? Look no more! The Bernhard H. Mayer® Felisse Set and Himalayan Crystal Collection Heptagon Pendant would be just what you need.


We would be so thrilled if we received holiday packages from our loved ones, it surely beats all other conventional gift types. Check out amazing deals from QVI Club, guaranteed to fit your travel needs.

Health and Wellness

Do you know of someone close to your heart who consumes unhealthy food on a daily basis? If you wish to change their eating or lifestyle habits, you can now do it subtly. Gift them LifeQode EDG3, LifeQode Kenta or Amezcua Bio Light 2 as they first step towards improving their quality of lives. If anything, this would surely be a reason for change.

With the New Year around the corner, you must know of people who are moving into new homes. Nothing would be better a better gift than the HomePure Red Edition and the AirPure Air Purifier, a definite necessity in all households.


We all know someone who wishes to pursue an education but is finding it almost impossible to do so. The Swiss eLearning Institute has a huge variety of courses available where learning can now take place over the virtual world, in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. So convenient, we love!

Personal Care & Beauty

In a world where a million brands exist, it is difficult to make a choice on which skincare products to use. Try our Physio Radiance ReplenisHˉ Pack and Physio Radiance Visage + for the best skincare experience today.

What are you waiting for? Go to your eStore today and gift your loved ones something special!