While we can talk for pages and pages about why you should take EDG3 and what is so good about its special blend of ingredients, read on to hear more about V Partners Adly and Ferdie’s experience with their LifeQode product of choice.

VP Adly EDG3

‘I want to tell you how excited I am about EDG3. As you know, I started using it since V-Con Malaysia 2015. All through my life, my body was addicted to a multi-vitamin that I was using for 15 years. I observed that anytime I stopped taking the multi-vitamins for a few days, I would immediately fall ill. I would catch a cold or cough or flu. When I heard that EDG3 would help boost my immune system, I decided to try for the first time after 15 years to drop my multi-vitamins and see how it was going to work. To my surprise, the first week I stopped taking the multi-vitamins, I was okay. In the second week, I didn’t catch a cold or flu. Time kept passing without me falling ill.  Even after all these months, and without my multi-vitamins, I am still fine. Truly, I believe that EDG3 is perfect for boosting your immune system.’ – V Partner Adly Hassan

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VP Perdi EDG3

‘My family and I have been taking EDG3 for many months now and we’ve seen really great effects. Nobody falls ill, we feel energetic. Truly, even the skin feels better. I have seen it with my daughters, they have better skin, especially in the face. I would encourage each one of you to take EDG3 for your health.’ – V Partner Ferdie Tolentino

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