Mr. Christian Kurdy, NSF International’s Managing Director

Clean drinking water is important and since we aren’t always in control of what is in our water, investing in a good quality water filter that has been certified by reliable third party agencies should be a priority. To highlight the rising problems in quality of potable water and to showcase their success in that field, NSF International – a global, independent, public health and safety organization – was part of a media roundtable in Cario, Egypt.

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One of the topics of discussion was the large disaster in Kafr El-Shiek (Egypt) in September 2015. Nearly 60 cases of people being poisoned by drinking water were reported. Tons of dead fish washed up on the shores. The event caused suffocation, vomiting and loss of voice among children. The water in Kafr El-Shiek is said to be full of contaminants and the situation is said to have escalated because a cylinder of chlorine leaked into the water. Chlorine, while it kills bacteria, reacts with water to form hydrochloric hypocholorous acids which are both extremely poisonous (Source: Medline Plus)

Water in Kafr El-Sheik
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Enraged citizens took to the streets to protest the government’s negligence of drinking water. The situation led people to look for alternate drinking water solutions. Apart from stocking up on bottles of filtered water, people started buying water filters. However, while investing in water filters, it is important to know that a reputed agency has vouched for it. Why is NSF International so reputed and trusted? Its numbers do the talking.

NSF in Figures
Source: NSF International

Please note that even certified filters cannot work to a 100% of their normal lifespan because they are not built to work in such a challenging situation. HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System and HomePure Eaze is tested and certified by NSF International and is guaranteed to reduce bad taste and odour in your water, along with reducing chlorine, turbidity and volatile organic compounds. If your water is heavily contaminated, HomePure still does the job but your filters lifespan will be reduced.

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