New Year € 1100 x 800 B

“As the brilliant flashes of the fireworks light up the night sky at the stroke of midnight and the new year comes in making 2015 the past in an instant and  2016 the present, let us reflect back on the years past just as we rejoice the advent of the new.

In this new year, let there be new chapters that we open, and new learnings that awaken new passions that lead us in turn to new experiences, which unfold new thresholds, allowing us to gaze out at new horizons.

Let us then evolve to be better as people, while we continue our work towards the enrichment of ourselves and those around us, not just materially but in all aspects, leading to our continued mission to empower the world! Evolve! Enrich! Empower!

Happy New Year!”

Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran
QNET Founder