Friday, February 3, 2023

QVI’s 4 Best Romantic Getaways for Valentine’s Day Weekend

With Valentine’s Day only a month away, have you started planning the perfect surprise for your beloved? Flowers, chocolates, perfumes and jewellery are too conventional and boring. Why not use the opportunity to create a memory that you will cherish forever? Go away on a nice, romantic getaway to one of stunning locations offered by QVI!

To help you choose, we have handpicked 4 incredibly romantic properties for you that will be a memorable gift for years to come.

Prana Resort Nandana Koh Samui, Thailand

Prana Resort Nandana Koh Samui

This is an ideal location for a short weekend getaway, a sanctuary that can provide you with more than you can imagine. Set within lush tropical gardens with panoramic views of the ocean, you can have a vacation in style! If you are looking for a trip where you can just stay in, relax and enjoy all that the resort offers, then look no further. We are sure that this trip would make you win your beloved’s heart twice over!

Tamarind Hill, Sri Lanka

Tamarind Hill QVI Sri Lanka

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A location that will help you relive the British colonial era with, Tamarind Hill is a sprawling mansion that gives you the feel of going back in time. Preserved to its finest details, this luxurious house allows you to enjoy the charm of a bygone era and to feel what it truly is like to have lived those days. If you’re a big fan of architecture from the old days, these suites would fit your every need.

Taprobana Wadduwa, Sri Lanka

If you think that a weekend lazing by the beach would be just what you both need, Taprobana Wadduwa and Shinagawa Beach Resort are two options for you to choose from. Set overlooking the amazing crystal clear Sri Lankan waters, these are locations that can never go wrong.

The River House, Sri Lanka

The River House QVI Sri Lanka

Located in the tropical wilderness, this property gives you the privacy you need unlike any other. Set along the banks of the Madhu River, we can guarantee you complete peace and tranquility in your vacation. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day!

Your perfect romantic Valentine’s Day getaway is only a click away. Purchase a vacation at your eStore today!

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