Tuesday, May 24, 2022

6 Features That Make The AirPure Humidifier A Must-Have

The effects of global warming can be seen in the quality of the air we breathe and how often we fall ill because of it. The AirPure Humidifier helps add moisture to your pollution induced dry indoor air. In doing so, it helps with problems such as dry skin, common colds and allergies. What makes the AirPure Humidifier different from the other humidifiers in the market?

Here is a list of cool features that make the AirPure Humidifier a standout product –

1. Ultrasonic Operations –

The humidifier operates with an ultrasonic technology which means that you can expect super silent operations from the AirPure Humidifier. In fact, it runs so quietly that you could almost hear a pin drop. What’s more, it is really light, and user friendly. Anyone can have it up and running in less than 10 minutes.

2. Antibacterial Mist Output

Cool mist is produced which is soothing to our skin and eyes and is easy to breathe in. The mist output is free of common bacteria that may be present in the water and so is safe to breathe. The cool mist also has a temperature lowering effect which means that you can lessen your air-conditioning usage.

3. Super Low Electrical Power Consumption

The humidifier only uses 12 watts of energy and so helps save on electricity consumption.

4. Multicolor LED Light Display

The multicolor LED light allows you to feel relaxed and calm.  Light therapy is a unique alternative health healing technique.

5. Hard Water Removal

Most water that comes from the tap has certain hardness and this will cause a lime scale powdery residue when the water evaporates.  The Hard Water Cartridge that is incorporated in the AirPure Humidifier takes care of this problem and ensures that you will not have residual lime scale on your walls or furniture.

6. Amezcua Energy Strip

What makes the AirPure Humidifier really stand apart from all other humidifiers in the market is that it has an Amezcua Energy Strip. Not only do you get cool mist but also energised mist which in turn will have a calming effect on you.

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What are you waiting for? Experience the myriads of benefits of the AirPure Humidifier by purchasing one at your eStore today!

Author’s Profile
Andrew Ong is an Air & Water Technologies Specialist.  He is trained as an IAQ Assessor and have studied as a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant.  Andrew Ong has travelled extensively to many international regions as an IEQ trainer and presenter. He provides IEQ solution protocols to clients and is passionately involved in R&D for air and water technologies products and services. He is a member of the ISIAQ (International Society Of Indoor Air Quality And Climate) and the WQA (Water Quality Association).

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