Many Independent Representatives today have already realised the importance of Rank Advancement to their businesses. Have you?

Rank Advancement does not only mean moving up from one rank to the next by achieving all the required criteria, it also means achieving goals, being successful and helping others become successful, too.

Rank Advancement is your partner to success.

Through Q10, we have carefully re-engineered your rank advancement requirements. Both the RSP and Main Plans are designed to make you successful by rewarding you for using quality lifestyle products and services, selling QNET products to others and empowering others to do the same. It is all about duplicating success by reaching out to more and more people who share extraordinary dreams like yours, everyday.

Q10 gives you more options to earn through the RSP Plan and the Main Plan. They are two independent but interdependent plans- meaning, you can choose to either earn from only one plan, or both but the results are always geared towards a common goal. Think of two staircases, two pathways or steppingstones that both lead you to achieve your goals. Whether you aspire to have more control over your time, earn residual income, provide people with ways and means to earn, or all of these, Rank Advancement is an amazing guide to help you get there.

Through Q10, we made sure that the way you look at RSP will never be the same again. 

In the RSP Plan, an IR can earn Retail Profit and Repeat Sales Commission derived from the RSP earned from a maximum of 10 Pay Levels, including his/her Retail Sales or Personal Purchases and the Repeat Sales to downlines up to nine levels below within his/her network or line of referralship.

In the Main Plan, an IR can earn Retail Profit and Step Commissions based on your Compensation Level.

So, you have chosen to earn only in the RSP Plan. Fine. But do you know that the same RSP you have earned on the RSP Plan are the same RSP that will bring you to higher ranks in the Main Plan? My top tip is that you check the remaining requirements in the Main Plan that is not yet covered in the RSP Plan, create your strategy and achieve! 

Any more reasons not to rank advance on both plans? Let me convince you further by taking you to a success journey that will give you an idea of how exciting and amazing the awards, incentives, recognitions and events are!

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QNET celebrates milestones and leadership with AIRE (Awards, Incentives, Recognitions & Events)

We honour milestones with awards.

We reward accomplishments with incentives.

We recognise hardwork.

We celebrate achievements in events.


How Will You Keep Track of your Ranks?
Monitor your stats and know the requirements through your Rank Advancement Dashboard. You will find it in your Virtual Office!

In this dashboard, you will be able to monitor your BVs, the steps you have earned, RSPs, and everything that you’ll need to move up the rank ladders! Your Rank Advancement dashboards are powerful tools that can also give you stats of your achievements for the week, and tell you what else you need to get to your next target rank.

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