BrilNet and BrilCloud Updates

Your favourite technology tools, BrilNet and BrilCloud, have just received a slew of upgrades that is going to make your experience that much more fruitful.

Your web conferencing solution of choice will not only allow you to stay connected whenever and wherever you want, but also boast of these exciting new enhancements:   

  • A new Chat page for instant messaging with your contacts, similar to WhatsApp.
  • An encryption based secured messaging which means that all your data is safe and private.  
  • Instant Voice Messages or Push To Talk features similar to WhatsApp enabled.
  • An option to resend undelivered messages in the Chat page
  • Improved incoming call notifications that works even if the app is not initiated or running in the background.
  • UI customisations and improved icons that means a better and more fluid user experience.
  • Ability to connect with up to 250 people in a Single or Group Meeting or over an Audio Call.

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BrilCloud, your hard drive in a cloud, has also been upgraded. These are the improvements you can expect:

  • An improved UI with quick view access of files, videos, audios, and images.
  • Integration of training videos such as ‘8 Building Blocks’ and ‘Empty Your Cup’ from The V.
  • Integration of product videos from QNET. 
  • QNET corporate communication videos and material.
  • An option to securely share files on the apps. Includes password protection and time validity.
  • An option to share files via email and other social apps.

To purchase the BrilNet and BrilCloud apps and take your business to the next level, download from the eStore today!

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