We pride ourselves in the success of our Physio Radiance series not just because we think it is a quality product, but also because IRs like you have tried and tested it and proved it works. Read on to hear real stories about first-hand experiences with Physio Radiance and why they love it!

Physio Radiance Ghada Testimonial

My name is Ghada and I am a tour guide in Egypt. Being a tour guide, I am always exposed to the sun, so I would always use a crazy amount of sunblock in the hopes that this would protect me from the sun’s harmful rays.

Last year, I bought the Physio Radiance Replenish Pack and I haven’t parted from it since. I carry it with in my bag wherever I go. Every morning, I wash my face and apply a bit of it on my face. Then again at night.

You will not believe the amazing effects this has had on my skin. I’ve read all about its benefits and I’ve experienced them myself. Now, I no longer feel anxious about dark spots or wrinkles. My friends have even been asking me, “Ghada, what’s new with your face? Did you get any beauty operation done?”, because they said my face suddenly looks so glamourous. I just love receiving these lovely words because of Physio Radiance. I buy it every month and I recommend it to every single person who wants to look glamourous all the time.

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Physio Radiance Jyothi Testimonial

My name is Jyothi and I’m from India. One time, I was going through the QNET portal and I came across Physio Radiance. I bought the toner and have been using it for six months now. It’s simply amazing. It reduced the pores on my skin and made it significantly less oily. I enjoy using it so much, because whenever I apply this toner, I feel like a princess.

Physio Radiance Nhin Testimonial

My name is Nhin and I’m from Myanmar. Among the QNET products, I love Physio Radiance the most. I used to get really bad acne breakouts as I have very sensitive skin. Fortunately, Physio Radiance does not have any parabens – chemicals which are bad for the skin – and is very mild to use. My favourites are the cleanser and the extreme serum. When you put these on your skin, they get absorbed very quickly. Anyone who has acne problems should try these. The Physio Radiance line of products is lovely and simply amazing!

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Physio Radiance Asma Testimonial

My name is Asma Albolashi from Qatar. I use Physio Radiance products and the ones I love the most are the Radiance Enhancer Day & Night Fluid and the Extreme Anti-Oxidant Serum, which are extremely phenomenal. Using these products make me feel that my skin is cleaner, smoother and flawless. They have reduced the lines on my face and they also give me a very refreshing feeling when I use them. I fell in love with these products from the very first time I tried them and so far, I’ve bought replenishments over 3 times already. Even my family loves them and buys them a lot.

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