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QNET Thailand office staff took a day off the weekend to participate in a Corporate Social Responsibility activity. The activity – Sewing With Love – was in aid of these patients who suffer from weakened muscles due to severe paralysis.

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The paralysis causes the patients to involuntarily squeeze their nails into their own palms, damaging their hands. These elephant dolls that were stitched by QNET’s staff are designed in a way in which the patients can squeeze the doll instead of hurting themselves.

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QNET Thailand staff spent half a day cutting patterns, stitching and stuffing over 200 elephant dolls that will aid 200 patients at the Government hospital, a hospital that provides services to people who cannot afford expensive healthcare.

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QNET offices worldwide offer many opportunities over the year for all its employees to contribute towards its core pillar of Raising Yourself to Help Mankind (RYTHM). The determination and dedication of the staff in making sure they do their part to help out is commendable.

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