QNET Women's Day IWD2016

No, you don’t need a United Nations declared day to acknowledge how amazing you are. International Women’s Day (#IWD2016), however, gives us an opportunity to recognise all the reasons we think you are stellar! It is an occasion to call to mind all your specific characteristics that we love and want to emulate.

1. You Take Risks.

It comes as second nature to you to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. It makes success so much sweeter knowing that you went out of your comfort zone and achieved success regardless.

2. You Are Always Up For New Challenges.

Even if your risks don’t pay off, you’re ready for it to be the stepping stone to greater achievements. Minor hiccups and road bumps don’t faze you. You use it as an opportunity to grow and evolve.

3. You Are A Leader.

You are not just another face in a sea of humans. You stand out because you took your life into your own hands and made tough decisions most people would shy away from. Your life has inspired others to follow in your footsteps and the people in your life look to you for direction.

4. You Are Financially Stable.

Or you are getting there. You know how to grow and nurture your business, you know the value of hard work and resilience and you never stop working towards it.

5. You Stand Up For Your Beliefs.

You are always in support of what is right, even if it means going against the people who are closest to you. You make your own choices and are steadfast in it.

6. You Are An Expert At Work-Life Balance

You know how to juggle work and life in a way that you can give yourself completely to both without sacrificing the other. You are always there for your family and your downlines know they can rely on you. The only thing stopping you from being crowned Superwoman, is a cape.

7. You Are Honest.

You know how to say no and you do so unapologetically. This means that you won’t say things just to appease people and you definitely do not talk behind someone’s back. If you do not agree with someone, you would rather tell them that than lie.

8. You Forgive.

You are not petty and while some people are reluctant to forgive, you are able to put yourself in their shoes. You do not hold grudges and you believe in giving people second chances.

9. You Admit When You Are Wrong.

Your ego doesn’t get in the way of admitting when you are wrong. Owing up to your faults is not an easy task but you do it with a smile because you believe in being honest.

10. You Are Self-Aware.

You are constantly looking to better yourself – be it by picking up skills you didn’t have before or by practicing at being better at a trait you weren’t so good at before. You are passionate about being the best you can be!

We know you are a strong, independent, QNET Power Woman! It is time to be proud of everything that makes you so brilliant! We know we are! QNET salutes you!

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