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QNET Turkey Turns Wishes Into Reality On Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, QNET Turkey answered the call of 20 women of Şişli Deaf & Mute Foundation.  The foundation asked its female members what they want as a way to commemorate #IWD2016. The women said that their biggest desire for the day was to look beautiful.

To make this wish come true, QNET Turkey hired a professional make-up artist who works in a popular TV Show in Turkey. While the artist taught the ladies basic make-up techniques, a sign language interpreter translated the lesson.

QNET Turkey IWD 3

The 20 participants of the International Women’s Day event are members of the Şişli Deaf & Mute Foundation, a charity that empowers women with visual and speech impairments to live with confidence and dignity. They encourage the women to participate in day to day life and not sit at home watching life pass them by.

Using QNET’s Couleurs range of beauty products, the beginner lesson covered various aspects of make-up that included, among other things, a live demonstration of ideal techniques that help bring out your best features. The session also served as a platform to have a dialogue on how each individual is different and that the most important thing to do is to embrace your uniqueness and be proud of it.

QNET Turkey IWD 2

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The women were a mixed bag of university students and housewives with a never-give-up attitude. In fact, one of the women has been practicing ballet for the past 9 years despite being hearing impaired.

IWD2016 QNET Turkey (1)

The event was filmed by Fox TV and the QNET Turkey Marketing and Communications Manager was Irmak Sütcü interviewed. When asked what the objective of the day was, she said ‘All women, irrespective of whatever physical or emotional challenges they face, should be allowed to look and feel beautiful. There should be no obstacles towards that goal.’

YouTube video

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