Network marketing is such a great business that offers people of all walks of life the opportunity to make a living. But it is such a pity that it suffers from an unfair reputation of being unreliable, unsustainable and untrustworthy. QNET takes great measures in working transparently and standardising ethical business practices. However, the company on its own cannot reverse the damages caused by false claims and inaccurate news. We need your help!

Take the #qnetpro pledge with us and vow to clear the name of the direct selling industry so that we can lead more people to the incredible freedom we enjoy through network marketing.  

Globally, the direct selling industry is worth $182 billion and despite the worldwide recession, the industry grows year on year. Not only does the industry contribute positively towards the economy, it is one of the only fields in the market that takes care of your finances AND your self-improvement via trainings, opportunities to interact with and learn from like-minded people.

With QNET, not only do you get a seamless eCommerce platform to buy products that enhance your life, you also get a chance to be your own boss and be free from a life of corporate routine.

So… are you ready to be a network marketing professional?