UN World Water Day 2016

It’s more important than ever to not only be aware that 650 million people worldwide don’t have access to safe water, but realise that clean drinking water is seen as a luxury by one in every ten people in the world. World Water Day 2016 is a reminder for us to use water responsibly, to do our best to help in sustainable water management projects and to ensure our families have access to properly treated water.


Keeping in line with the United Nation’s 2016 #WorldWaterDay theme – Better Water, Better Jobs – QNET strengthens its commitment towards helping our IRs have access to clean and safe drinking water right at their homes. With the HomePure range of water filters, you become a living example of this theme – you get better water and a chance to be financially independent through network marketing.

This #WorldWaterDay take a pledge to conserve water, to educate your family on the importance of pre-filters and water filtration systems at home, and be mindful of the resource that makes our planet what it is today.

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