QNET Hong Kong Dessert Taarana (5)

Inspired by the cause and success of Mahamaya – the grand performance featuring the traditional Indian Bharata Natyam and Odissi dancing styles that raised funds for the children of Taarana in Malaysia last month – QNET Hong Kong Office staff held its first CSR activity for the year with the same, meaningful goal. In a one of a kind event, QNET Hong Kong Office staff ate for a cause.

QNET Hong Kong Dessert Taarana (1)

The project involved making and selling yummy treats that included an incredible variety of irresistible desserts and delectable refreshing drinks. The Hong Kong staff volunteers personally prepared snacks and drinks that were sold to raise funds for Taarana. To top it off, the delivery of these melt-in-your-mouth snacks were done by the Directors and the Chiefs, a call out to the kind of servant leadership that is practiced diligently in QNET.

QNET HK Taarana

The money raised from this event will go towards helping Vijayaratnam Foundationa’s Taarana School for children with special needs.  To learn more about Taarana School and its various programmes that are making a difference, visit www.taarana.org.my

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