World Autism Day Rythm Foundation

In conjunction with World Autism Day, we’d like to share some very interesting facts with you. Most people aren’t aware what autism is so let’s learn about it here!

  • Autism is a developmental disability that usually appears before a child turns 3
  • It impacts the normal development of the brain in areas such as social interaction, communication skills and cognitive function
  • More often than not, autistic children suffer from medical conditions which may include allergies, asthma, epilepsy, digestive disorders, sleeping disorders and more
  • Boys have higher chances of being diagnosed with autism than girls. Since it was first diagnosed, it sees a rate of one in every 68 children
  • Autism does not affect life expectancy
  • Although there is currently no cure for it, with early treatment, some cases can be overcome


As part of a RYTHM Foundation initiative to shed light on children with special learning needs, we shared one fact a day on our Foundation’s Facebook page a week leading up to this day. Visit the RYTHM Foundation Facebook page to see what this campaign is all about.

To show your support towards autism and to let your autistic friends know that you are thinking of them, give him or her a hug or simply wear blue wherever you are in this world.

Lives, no matter what, are equally important. Let’s spread hope to everyone out there, you know you can make a difference.

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