MCFC QNET Billboard 6th of October Bridge Egypt

In a move to celebrate Egypt’s passion for football, QNET launched a campaign in Egypt to celebrate our partnership with Manchester City Football Club. The campaign saw the hoisting of a giant #QNETCITY billboard on the ‘6th of October Bridge’, the most important and busiest elevated bridge in Cairo that crosses the river Nile twice.

MCFC QNET Billboard 6th of October Bridge Egypt 2

“The passion for the game is constant no matter where you go and we are so proud of this partnership because it is reflective of the same passion we see from our QNET IRs every day. Football contributes to creating positive energy and a great atmosphere, while offering an authentic connection with communities around the world. Football is a game for all, from the Americas to Africa to the Middle East and Asia it crosses cultural and language boundaries to reach all.” said Haldun Arin, Chief Executive Officer for QNET.

Dr Mazen Omar on 6th of October Bridge
Dr Mazen Omar, a fan of MCFC and a passionate QNET IR, takes a selfie with the billboard.

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