Happy Earth Day From QNET

Marked annually as World Earth Day, April 22 is observed worldwide as a day to celebrate our one-of-a-kind planet, and to be more environmentally friendly and conscious. Born out of a devastating oil spill nearly 5 decades ago, #WorldEarthDay gives us a chance to participate in activities with the aim of environmental protection. Apart from festivals, parades and rallies, people also take pledges to increase the amount they recycle and opting for more eco-friendly options in all areas of life.

In a bid to do our bit for Mother Earth, QNET strengthens our commitment to our planet by making great strides in participating in environmental conservation and awareness activities throughout the years. Apart from our day to day commitment to be a green company, many of our regional offices recognise that climate change impacts the most vulnerable citizens first and so have taken the initiative to create positive change through CSR activities round the year.

Here are some of the highlights:

QNET Indonesia 2

QNET Indonesia staff planted a variety of rare fruit trees by the Ciliwung River, Condet, Cililitan, East Jakarta. The fruit trees planted include alkesa, mundu, rukem, bisbul, walnuts, kecapi, buni and soursop, among others.

QNET Hong Kong Coastal Clean Up

QNET Hong Kong

QNET Hong Kong were involved in a massive coastal clean-up project that saw them collect enormous proportions of trash and plastic at the Lung Kwu Tan beach, a beach not cleaned by the government and considered one of the dirtiest beaches in Hong Kong.

QNET Philippines

QNET Philippines

QNET Philippines aimed to raise awareness on the importance of protecting our waterways and keeping them free from trash by cleaning up a 1.2km promenade along Manila Bay.

QNET Thailand

QNET Thailand

QNET Thailand spent the day at the Royal Thai Navy’s Sea Turtle Conservation Centre where they learnt about the importance of sea turtles to marine life, the conservation of oceans and also helped clean 16 large tanks, the home to turtles of various ages.

QNET Malaysia‘s headquarters, the 15-storey QI Tower, won the Green Mark Gold award in the Non-Residential Existing Building category, conferred by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. This makes QI Tower the first Green Mark high-rise office building in Malaysia to receive the award in recognition of the building’s best practices in environmental design and performance. This is one of the highest rankings for the BCA’s Green Mark scheme which was introduced in 2005.

#WorldEarthDay goes beyond borders and unites communities for the common goal of sustainable maintenance of our environment that will benefit all inhabitants of this shared planet. This year, over one billion people are expected to participate in the festivities worldwide. How do you plan to do to observe this special day?

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