By Arti Asawa

QNET Niger Agency Office (4)

In a Press Conference organised at the office of Niger Chamber of Commerce & Industry, QNET ecstatically announced its foray into the West African nation of Niger this month. The agency office of QNET Niger will be in Niamey and is set to boost the direct selling entrepreneurial opportunity in the country.  

QNET Niger Agency Office (2)
Head Table: Ms Bintou – Representative of Mr Amadou QNET spokesperson in West Africa, QNET Regional Director Mr Krish Kumar, QNET agent Mr Alhusseini, Secretarial General of Chamber of Commerce and V Council Jean Luc.

The opening of an Agency office here will enable the people of Niger to touch, feel and benefit from the high quality global products we offer to our consumers worldwide. They will also get to reap the benefits of our business opportunities.

QNET Niger Agency Office (1)
QNET Regional Director Mr Krish Kumar addresses the crowd. Clement helping with the translation.

QNET’s direct selling model encourages individuals without business experience, especially the youth of Niger, to employ skills and winning attitudes to heighten their opportunities and improve their lifestyles. QNET Niger aims to offer this entrepreneurial opportunity to as many locals as possible.

QNET firmly believes that there is nothing more empowering to individuals than the financial freedom that a career in the direct selling industry provides, and believes that the people of Niger, with their ambition and strong sense of entrepreneurship, will appreciate the quality consumer products that QNET offers and the business opportunities for self-development.

“QNET is proud to have an agent in Niger because QNET is committed to having a local customer service support for the people of Niger and help both the people and government in knowing more about direct selling.” Said Mr Amadou, QNET’s Spokesperson for the West African Region.

QNET Niger Agency Office (3)
TV and Newspaper media personnel learning about the QNET partnership and watching the MCFC video.

QNET started getting online orders for its products from Niger since 2014. Today, there are thousands of Niger citizens who have also registered to market and promote QNET’s online products as IRs. The top selling products for QNET Niger are health and wellness products and household brands, such as HomePure and Air Pure which address a real need for clean air and water in the country. Other top selling products are our Swiss eLearning online education courses on Business, Marketing and English, as well as luxury items such as our watches and jewellery range.  

“QNET is always respectful of the local laws and is fully obliged to the commercial laws and consumer laws of Niger. QNET also has policies and procedures that all IRs must strictly adhere to.” noted Amadou.

With direct selling gaining popularity, Niger is seen to have huge potential to become a leading market in the West African region. Join us is giving them a hearty welcome to the QNET family!

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