HomePure RED RYTHM Foundation

A year ago, to celebrate five years of HomePure bringing us healthy, clean and great-tasting water, we offered a limited edition, passionate red 7-Stage Filtration System that gave a bold and stunning twist to the classic we know and love.

As you also know, with each HomePure RED purchased, a USD 20 donation was made to the RYTHM Foundation, in support of its numerous successful community development projects. The response had been spectacular, and we have nearly sold out every unit we have. With only a few units left, we are confident that we will reach our targets soon and contribute even more towards RYTHM Foundation.

As we are almost near the end of this campaign we would like to thank every one of you who has shown your support to RYTHM and QNET by allowing HomePure RED to take a place of pride in your kitchen. Not only have you safeguarded your and your family’s health in style, you have also helped us bring love and joy to many who are in need.

Don’t forget to visit RYTHM Foundation Booth at V-Malaysia 2016 and show your support! 

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