Men who were at V-Malaysia 2016 today were given a brand new challenge: Grow up, get smarter, and start taking care of their skin by using QNET’s freshly launched skincare solution – DEFY.

Did you just roll your eyes at the notion of using skin care products? Whatever! Good skin is about so much more than vanity. Just because you dress well doesn’t mean you really look good. Your outer appearance reflects what’s happening inside your body, and unhealthy skin often also means poor overall health.

Defy the norm. Defy the odds.

Most guys have absolutely no idea how to take care of their skin. To many, it’s like a grueling experiment that intimidates even the toughest man. Well, worry no more! DEFY was designed to make skin care accessible to every guy on this planet, whether or not he knows how to clean up like a man.

DEFY is formulated especially for men’s skin and has multifunctional benefits packed into two mega-handy bottles that make skin care so easy, you’d be foolish not to fit it into your daily routine.

Defy harmful elements.

DEFY DIRT FIGHTER is a no-nonsense cleanser that eliminates all that disgusting gunk from your face. Powered by NVIRO-P (some cool science stuff), it shields your face from harsh environmental factors making you feel like a real man. You can also use this instead of your lame shaving cream.

What do you get when you buy ONE bottle of DEFY Dirt Fighter?

  1. Cleanser
  2. Mild-Exfoliant
  3. Shaving Foam


  • Cleans your skin
  • Reduces minor skin blemishes
  • Smoothens skin and evens out skin tone
  • Hydrates skin
  • Helps manage acne and oily skin
  • Reduces redness from shaving

Defy old age.

DEFY YOUTH TONIC is a non-emasculating serum for any man that wants to look like a man. Powered TRI-GENICS, it fights against the demons of fine lines and wrinkles while keeping your masculinity intact. 

What do you get when you buy ONE bottle of DEFY Youth Tonic?

  1. Wrinkle Reducing Serum
  2. Anti-Ageing Serum
  3. Moisturiser
  4. Aftershave


  • Reduces lines on your face
  • Makes your skin smoother
  • Moisturises your skin
  • Gives you a slight face lift

So, are you feeling man enough? Visit the eStore today and give DEFY a shot right now, so you can start saying goodbye to your ugly mug in no more than 30 days.

Man Up, Son! DEFY All Expectations.

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