Spectacular Culture Show at the QNET Convention 2016 Opening Ceremony

The curtains of the awe-inspiring V-Malaysia 2016 rose to the thunderous sounds of drums, music, and cheers of over 15,000 QNET network marketers who had gathered together at Penang to celebrate QNET. The spectacular #VCON16 opening ceremony began with a display of soaring fireworks and a lavish Parade of Flags that united IRs from different cultures and traditions under one global QNET banner.

QNET Convention draws 15,000 global entrepreurs to Penang

V-Malaysia 2016 officially opened after a symbolic display of traditional Malay martial arts invoking the essence of a Malay warrior – courage, bravery and loyalty. Apart from the mind-blowing cultural extravaganza and the colourful parade of ethnic costumes, our IRs were also witness to a Grand Piano and Violin performance of the inspirational ‘Fight Song’.

‘In these 5 days, we are going to turn you into warriors. In these 5 days, you will understand that while any company can compare themselves to us, no company in the world has founders like Joseph Bismark and Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran’, said V Partner ‘Chief’ Pathman Senathirajah.

Photo of V Partners at VCON 2016 (1)

As a sign of unity and resilience, the V Partners and Founders joined Chief on stage one by one and committed to Evolve. Empower. Enrich.

Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran welcomed the 15,000 strong crowd participants with a stirring welcome message, “In our culture we look upon guests as divine, as God. This is part of our culture throughout Asia. So, anyone who stands at our door is always welcome. This is our home. We welcome you into our home. And we ask that you welcome us into yours. There is no nationality here. We are one nation under god, wherever we are.” 

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