In solidarity with QNET’s efforts to encourage Absolute Living for all, three health experts took to the #VCON16 stage to help IRs understand further just how essential a nutritious diet is to our health and overall wellness.

The overarching message of all three experts? You are what you eat, and to keep our body at optimal condition, we need to support our nutrition with food supplements such as LifeQode’s Kenta and EDG3, which boost our vitality and longevity at a cellular level.

Read further to learn more about these experts and what they have to say.

Dr Liyana Dhamirah Aminuddin

Dr Liyana
An Internal Medicine Specialist working under the Ministry of Health Malaysia and a proud member of the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom, Dr Liyana specialises in Personalised Medicine with focus on anti-ageing, aesthetics and nutritional medicine.

During her speech, she spoke about how hectic lifestyles, poor diet and pollution make the intake of antioxidants so much more vital to our health than ever. She stresses the importance of detoxification in today’s life.

Dr Mark Dargan Smith

Dr Mark

Dr Mark is the Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chancellor of the University of Natural Medicine in the USA. With over 30 years of experience as an alternative health care practitioner, he has studied and proven the positive effects of detoxification to the body, something which he discussed during his talk about liver functions at V-Con.

Dr Selvam Rengasamy

Dr Selvam

As a member of the QNET Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), Dr Selvam – who also serves as the President of the Society for Advancement of Hormones and Healthy Aging Medicine in Malaysia – is no stranger to the V-Con stage. During his talk, he reminded everyone present of the importance of Glutathione in protecting our cells, and what must be done to boost its production in the body.


QNET’s star products Kenta and EDG3 address the very issues our three guest experts have raised. Kenta is a natural food formula inspired by the Okinawa diet, which is known to aid the longevity of the Japanese people living in the region. Meanwhile, EDG3 contains the essential building blocks which allow our cells to produce the “master antioxidant” Glutathione. Together, these two products under the LifeQode expert line of food supplements shall enable you to Eat Absolutely and embrace a more proactive and positive approach to health and wellness.


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