Embracing its strong commitment to Mother Earth and adding to its growing list of environmental conservation and sustainability activities, QNET’s Parent Company in Hong Kong visited Holiday Farm, an organic farm on the outskirts of the city in April 2016. At Holiday Farm, employees took on the role of ‘green’ volunteers and immersed themselves in the raw beauty of nature.

Apart from learning everything about organic farming and sustainable, pesticide free farming, the Hong Kong staff had a chance to learn how to grow and care for different varieties of crops and farm animals. It was a rare chance to put technology and the fast-paced city life aside and go back to basics. They also learnt the art of recycling and making toys using old newspapers.

The hands-on tour of Holiday Farm was a powerful reminder of the beauty of our one-of-a-kind planet and why it’s important to work together to save our planet. The unforgettable and valuable experience at the farm allowed QNET staff to channel the core pillar of RYTHM.

This is just one of many initiatives adopted by QNET in a bid to be a green company. Recognising that climate change and unsustainable farming practices affect the most vulnerable global citizens first, QNET vows to create positive change through similar CSR activities round the year.

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