Sunday, May 22, 2022

QNET Hosts Its First Product Trainers Summit

After giving their all and ensuring that every single IR left #VCON16 with unforgettable experiences and memories, our QNET trainers attended an intense 5-day workshop at the QI Tower in Malaysia. Initiated by QNET Chief Product Officer Phil Koh and QNET Head of Training Dr Shafi Shaik, the training camp ensured that the attendees were trained on QNET products and mechanics, and their knowledge was evaluated through theoretical and practical assessments.

This first-ever Product Trainers Summit was developed to ensure that all QNET trainers have standardised certification and are effective in delivering their messages in a way that enables IRs to build their networks more efficiently. Being the faces and voices of QNET, these trainers represent QNET to the global network, giving them unlimited opportunities to help change the lives of others.

QNET Trainers Summit

The opening of the summit was kick started by QNET Chief Executive Officer Haldun Arin. His key message placed emphasis on raising the bar higher by transforming the network through training and development. He said that there was no better way to start achieving that goal than with the people who are midpoints between QNET and its network – the trainers.

The summit also hosted inspirational speakers like V Managing Director Chief Pathman Senathirajah, QI Group Managing Director Richard Zinkiewicz, QNET Chief Marketing Officer Trevor Kuna, V Partner David Sharma, QNET Director Krishna Kumar and Certified Meta Coach Tan Hok Eng. Over the course of the five days, trainers were treated to product presentations, inspiring speeches, skill enhancement sessions, motivational talks and many other exciting things. It was also a platform for trainers to obtain brand-new product materials to share which will undoubtedly benefit you and your network.

QNET Product Trainers Summit 2016 (2)

At the end of the workshop, they were tested on what they had learned and those who successfully fulfilled all criteria of the summit were awarded certificates of completion. In his closing speech, QNET Chief Executive Officer Haldun Arin praised these warriors who have persevered so strongly in their pursuit of knowledge, especially after working so tirelessly during V-Malaysia 2016.

We are so proud of our amazing team of trainers and we would like to congratulate them on their accomplishments!  We are confident that they are now better equipped with tools to go the distance, and touch lives.

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