tripsavr Disrupts The Online Travel Industry Today

The world is at your feet and there is so much to explore. So if you’ve only been thinking about seeing the world, now is the time for you to take action! Take a trip and experience sights, sounds and people that would broaden your horizons.

That’s our purpose at tripsavr – for you to have a great travel experience, from the time you search through travel options to getting to your destination to coming back with happy memories.

Introducing tripsavr. The all-new, super easy and convenient way to book your next trip. All the hotels you want, all the arrangements you need, all the activities for an exciting trip, all in one convenient website.

With tripsavr you can save up to 50% on travel – no travel restrictions, no blackout dates, 110% Price Guarantee. You also get to indulge in these great benefits.

  • The widest selection of travel options over 400,000 hotel choices, tours, car rentals, activities … and more!
  • No travel restrictions take a trip anytime you want!
  • Lowest price guarantee get 110% back if you can beat our price*.

What are you waiting for? This way to a great travel experience –

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  1. Due to critical financial problems. I want sell my tripsavr mega package. I will give it you for 30 percent discount. (Negotiable). If any one interested please contact: 8309619925

  2. Hai.
    I am I have trip saver 6000 usd because of some critical finacial problem I want to sell it plz help how I it sell.
    . If everyone intrested plz contact .0582856883

  3. Hi,
    I have trypsvr 2000usd. If I buy hotel in India, could I pay all amounts through my tryp Acount. Without any cash money….
    Thank you

  4. Hi everyone it’s mallikarjun , I have a trip savr of 3000BV ,,, because of some critical financial issue I want to sell it,,,,if anyone interested please contact me 8217094418,,,I will provide it at minimum rate ( negotiable for money).

  5. Hi Team,
    I purchased tripsavr of 500BV from Qnet.I am cancelling this membership.will i get refund.
    My IR number:IN909866
    what is the procedure to get my money back and how many days it will take?
    recently I purchased 7 days back.please suggest me

  6. Hi,

    One of my friend want to go to Maldives/Bali/Mauritius or Switzerland for honeymoon.
    Please suggest which one would be preferable ; tripsavr/qvi package for them..

    • Hi Raja, you can pick any for the honeymoon, they will both be good. Congrats to your friends.

    • I have around 100000 rs trip saver is there am ready to sell for half price and because of some emergency reason (I will give it to you 50%).
      Please call me or contact me 8880316748/

  7. Hi my name Ashok kumar , on 6th june 2017 I purcahesd a tripsavar package, kindly refund my money back i dropped a mail to ,,regarding the same please do needfull kindly find the below details of my trip savr package

    my email id

    • Hi Ashok, thank you for your comment. If you have sent the information already to the tripsavr team, they will take care of the issue.

  8. Hi my name shiva Prasad , last week I bought a tripsavar package, I want to refund it .i dropped a mail to , regarding the same please do need full

    • Hi Shiva,
      Did you get any refund from them?
      Kindly reply me on
      please help me out, i’m in the same situation…..

      Vignesh K

  9. I am Qnet IR, i want to cancel tripsavr travel package and i want money refund. I have purchased the product 2 months back that is on 21-march-2017, Please tell me the process and help me to cancel and refund the money back

    • Hi Nishu. Please contact our Global Support Centre- or the tripsavr. All the tripsavr information you need is here – Hope this helps.

    • Hi dear..if u would like to buy a trip saver buy it from me…I am a IR user and I already have $5000 points in it…

    • hi Alshan I m Shrenik I M From India I M IR In Trip Saver Call Me For Purchase 918866210026 i Have 16000 $ In Tripsaver

  10. Hi I’m an Indian IR and I would like to cancel the Tripsavr product which is no use for me right now. Could some one suggest on this?

    • Hi Anuroop, please write an email to They should be able to help you out.

  11. I am Qnet IR.
    1- I want to get latest Directory of hotels and resorts all over the world
    2- Hotels of Maldive are available under the management of QVI, QVI Points or Tripsavr.

    • Hi Imran, if you log on to and choose by location, you will find all the hotels in Maldives that you require. For more assistance, please email the customer care of QVI club directly and they will get back to you.

  12. I purchased tripsavr product and not very much useful for me, is there a possibility for me to exchange for any other product or cancel and get a refund ?

    • I sent a mail to both, and haven’t got any reply still on that.

    • Hi Varun, I have notified the team and given them your email address. They will reply to you soon.

  13. Hi. I’m an IR . I need details for 12 people including 3 kids going to Singapore for 1 week vacation. So please advice me which will be the best product to sell, including siteseeing and breakfast. Please advice me as I need to update to my customer.

    • Hi Jude, please contact the QVI Club customer care as they will be able to help you with the details.

  14. Hi, I am new QNet IR in India and would like to make hotel booking in India (Goa) – Can I make payment in Rupees?

    I tried reaching out to but no one replied.


    • Hi Shoili, thanks for your comment. I have forwarded your email address to the tripsavr team and they will get back to you as soon as they can. Thank you for your patience.

  15. Hi

    Need more information about the tripsavr to giv information to the customer. Can u give some more aa website itself has a limited info

  16. Hi,I have won a 500 $ savin code in vcon malasiya can i use this can be use in India?

    • Hi Parth, please contact You can find the phone numbers you need here They’ll help you with your question!

  17. Hi I’m an Indian, is it possible to buy tripsavr from world plan? And use it in India with same advantage as you mentioned above

    • Hi Jayanth. Do contact so that they can answer all your questions regarding tripsavr! 🙂

    • Hi David, Switzerland is a part of QN Europe. We’ll let you know if we launch it for your plan! 🙂

    • I am an IR and my login is with and not with QN Europe, because Switzerland isn’t part of the European Union. In spite of everything tripsavr isn’t available in my e-store. Can you tell me why?

    • Hi David, I have spoken to the QVI Team about your question. Could you get in touch with them via email at or call them at +60379498288? They will assist you accordingly. Hope this helps!

    • Hi Janne, we’re constantly working towards creating products all our IRs can enjoy. Keep a look out in your Virtual Office for announcements.

    • Hi Abhishek, we’re working on one. Meanwhile, please visit The brochure is available there.

    • Hi Prashant, unfortunately we’re right now only offering it on World Plan. Do stay tuned though and subscribe to the blog for updates.

    • Hi Francesa, unfortunately it’s not yet available in QN Europe. Keep an eye out on your Virtual Office for news and updates.


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