Have you noticed something different about your QNET Rank Advancement Dashboard for Main Plan? Yup, it now shows your actual achievements in the current quarter, that enables you to monitor your progress towards your rank advancement.

So how do you access your enhanced Rank Advancement tool?

1. In your Virtual Office, click on Performance Reports.


2. Click on Main Plan.


3. Click on New Rank Advancement.


4. Check your real-time Rank Advancement requirement status!

Remember, your Virtual Office 2.0 is Mobile Responsive, meaning, the right-side menu may or may not show depending on the size of your screen. If you are accessing your VO using gadgets with smaller screens, you will not see the menu panel but never fret! You will still be able to access your full set of available of business tools by clicking on the Hamburger Menu.


If you are still using the old Virtual Office version, please scroll down to the bottom page, click on My Activity and Performance à New Rank Advancement to view your current status.

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What do you think of your new Main Plan Rank Advancement dashboard? Let us know by emailing global.support@qnet.net.

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