Olé boosts your immune system functioning and is jam-packed with antioxidant goodness, all of which helps you maintain good health year-round. There is a reason this 100% Australian grown olive leaf extract is a favourite among QNET IRs. Read all about their experiences here.

Errol Ole Testimonial

‘I use and enjoy most of the QNET products but one of my favourites is Olé. Olé is part of the staple diet of my family. We’ve been using Olé for the past few years. We never need to go to the doctors because every time we feel the onset of a cold, a cough or body pain, we just switch to Olé. Even my mom, who is 65 years old, now swears by Olé. When my school teacher who taught me at Kindergarten passed by Dubai, I gave her a bottle of Olé and now she wants one every year. I have a little girl who is 8 years old and could never eat ice-cream because she would fall ill. She started taking Olé and now she can have an ice-cream every week. It’s an amazing product and I believe that every QNETTER should have one in their home. Make sure you turn to Olé before you turn to your doctor.’ – Errol, Dubai

Inas Ole Testimonial

‘I want to talk about a product whose results you can feel quickly. This product is Olé. We all know that Vitamin C is important and most of us take it in a form of tablets. The difference with Olé is that it is all natural and extracted from the leaves of the olive tree. It has no side-effects. If you’re still looking for reasons why you should take Olé, then I will start with something for the ladies – this product will help brighten your skin. Thanks to the antioxidants in Ole, your skin will look younger and your body will be protected from many health problems. As for the kids, it will help protect them from cold and flu, especially in winter. I have two children, one is 8 and the other is 15. They took Olé every day in the winter and didn’t fall ill a single time.’ – Inas, Egypt

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