There’s nothing more heartening than witnessing living proof of hard work and perseverance, especially when they reach incredible milestones against all odds. Our Achievers’ Club is full of such role models, no one more so than our amazing Platinum and Diamond Stars.   

The crowd got an exclusive peak into what awaits them should they hit the highest Achievers’ Club ranks through a video that showcased the phenomenal QNET Achievers’ special trip to London last year.  V Managing Director Pathman ‘Chief’ Senatirajah addressed the crowd and said that if these stars could change their lives and achieve such big successes then so could all of us.

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What better way to recognise their mind-blowing efforts than at V-Malaysia 2016 in front of an 18,000 strong audience. Here are some unforgettable moments from the night.

V Managing Director Pathman ‘Chief’ Senathirajah preps a crowd of 18,000 dreamers for a grand recognition.
Chief was joined by V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz and QNET Managing Director JR Mayer to welcome and recognise the crème de la crème of the Achievers’ Club.
Associate V Partner Tobing Hartanto was recognised as our very first Platinum Star from Indonesia.
One of our newest Platinum Stars Associate V Partner Suraj Ranasinge receives his pin onstage.
Associate V Partner Yasir Khamis beams with pride as he is awarded his Platinum Star status.
Tears of joy and booming cheers served as the red carpet upon which Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral hit the stage as a Africa’s first-ever Diamond Star.
Showing the heights of success a family can reach if they work together, Diamond Stars and siblings Associate V Partner Mohannad Qais and V Partner Dr Motaz Aldandashi received their Diamond star pins on stage.
Say hello to our shining new Platinum and Diamond Stars!

These lovely Achievers’ are testaments of how Rank Advancement can help people from all walks of life can achieve success beyond their wildest imagination. Let us continue to celebrate the accomplishments of all dreamers who reach their goals and take a leaf out of their books in our network marketing journey.

We can’t wait to see you at V-UAE 2016. What will your Achievers’ Club rank be by then? We can’t wait to find out.

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