QNET Indonesia Iftar CSR Ramadan 2016 (2)

QNET Indonesia invited 200 underprivileged children to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan by breaking their fast together at the Grand Sahid Hotel in Jakarta this week. Keeping the theme of ‘Touching a Billion Hearts’, the Iftar was attended by 200 children, their caretakers, QNET Indonesia’s top leaders and dedicated staff.

QNET Indonesia Iftar Ramadan 2016

The children were treated to a marawis (traditional double-sided drums) performance by their peers and a captivating story telling session performed by Kak Aryo, a renowned story-teller. The story-teller spun tales about the importance of honesty, self-reliance and hard work, mirroring QNET’s belief in all these traits.

QNET Indonesia Iftar CSR Ramadan 2016 (4)

Hosted by the QNET Indonesia team, this happy occasion was graced by V Managing Director Pathman ‘Chief’ Senathirajah, Resident Director for Indonesia Zaheer Merchant, Chief Marketing Officer Trevor Kuna, Director of PT QN International Indonesia Ina Rachman, Associate V Partner Rosli Ismail and Associate V Partner Gita Hartanto.  QNET made a donation to the two foundations Yayasan Darul Aitam and Yayasan Cahaya Alam whose work with underprivileged children is exemplary. The event also included the distribution of school kits to the children.

QNET Indonesia Iftar CSR Ramadan 2016 (1)

In his speech, Chief Marketing Officer Trevor Kuna said, “This is a special opportunity for us to give back to our communities and give love, especially to the children from Yayasan Darul Aitam and Yayasan Cahaya Alam. Although we all have come here from different places, from different countries, we all have different beliefs, different hopes and different dreams. But right now, right here, we are one in carrying out QNET’s Mission of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. Giving back is what lies at the heart of QNET. Employees and Independent Representatives know we are bound together by the concept of RYTHM.”  

This event marks the start of QNET’s Corporate Social Responsibility campaign ‘Touching a Billion Hearts’ which will be rolled out in 10 countries. This campaign is QNET’s promise to make a change in the world by generating a chain of heartfelt actions that will reach a billion people.

More photos of the event can be seen on our QNET Official Facebook page

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*Written by Yudarwita Dahlan