Mistakes in Network Marketing QNETPRO 3

Thinking of starting network marketing or have been in the business for quite a while? Whatever your situation may be, we think that it is important you constantly remind yourself what it means to be a #qnetpro and what you should or should not do while building your business. It is equally important that you ensure your downlines maintain similar values and principles. After all, won’t your downline’s performance reflect on yours?

Here is a list of 6 of the biggest mistakes in Network Marketing: 

1. Overselling your product

People can only take in so much information about a particular product. Drowning them with things that don’t matter to them just won’t do. Be truthful, do not over-inflate the products or opportunities you are offering others.

2. Changing your stories

Your messages to others have to be consistent. The foundation for such a business to thrive relies heavily on trust. If you tell different stories to various people, eventually, you won’t even remember what messages you’ve been spreading to others and your stories just won’t tally.

3. Spreading negativity

No one enjoys being around negative people. Always ensure that you spread positivity to all others, including your downlines because only through positivity and constant motivation will they flourish.

4. Stealing distributors

It may seem like an easy way out but one bad decision can easily bring you down. Always maintain professionalism in all your dealings and ensure that you think things through thoroughly before making important decisions.

5. Taking advantage of others

Relationships are important. To succeed in network marketing, building solid working relationships are the very keys to unlocking doors of opportunities. Do not jeopardise your connections for personal purposes. It is always easy to take things for granted but you must set yourself strict boundaries and make sure you adhere to them.

6. Jumping from one company to another

People talk. They are bound to find out what you’re up to. It doesn’t reflect very well on your image as a professional marketer. In fact, it shows clearly that you up and leave whenever a challenge comes your way. Be sure to stick on and work your way through whatever situation may come.

We know that these practices would serve you well in the future. So go out there and do us proud. You represent every part of what QNET is and because we care, we want you to show the world what you and QNET are made of.

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