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QNET upheld its core pillar of Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM) by organising an unforgettable fun day for orphans in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan. QNET setup game sessions for the children living in the Umid Yeri orphanage, the first non-governmental organisation (NGO) to set up a children’s shelter and rehabilitation centre for homeless and abandoned street children in Azerbaijan. Umid Yeri translates to ‘Place of Hope’, and the non-profit is successful in its duty to give their children the hope and strength they need to live a good life.

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As part of the corporate social responsibility activity, QNET, with the help of its energetic and enthusiastic Independent Representatives, installed a soft lawn in the playground area and around the organisation’s premises. After setting up the lawn, children were treated to a variety of entertainment activities that included magic shows, clowns, balloons, arts and crafts and the distribution of exciting gifts. The children celebrated by dancing with their favourite cartoon characters and enjoying delicious cake.

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QNET also supported the Umid Yeri orphanage by buying paintings created by the young residents of the centre. These paintings, which were signed for memory’s sake, will be hung on the main wall of the official QNET Agency office in Azerbaijan. The children were also gifted sets of drawing canvases of different sizes and special sets of paint so that they can continue indulging in their favourite art related activities.

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Apart from children and staff of Umid Yeri, members from the Azerbaijan media were witness to QNET’s vision of Touching a Billion Hearts and featured us on local TV.

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