QNET Egypt CSR Activity 2016 (5)

As part of QNET’s Corporate Social Responsibility goal of Touching A Billion Hearts, and as a way to commemorate the holy month of Ramadan, QNET in Egypt organised a charity Iftar for over 150 people from lower income backgrounds. The initiative themed ‘Iftar is more wholesome with QNET’ was a reflection of our dedication to participating in community service and developmental activities.

QNET Egypt CSR Activity 2016 (2)

QNET Egypt CSR Activity 2016 (3)

QNET Egypt CSR Activity 2016 (4)

The charity Iftar was attended by our dedicated Independent Representatives in Egypt who not only helped distribute food packages in a beautiful dinner tent hoisted specifically for the event, they also went out into the community and donated the food boxes to those too ill to come to the dinner tent.

QNET Egypt CSR Activity 2016 (1)

QNET believes in upholding our responsibility towards the disadvantaged communities and people in need in the countries that we work in. We seize every opportunity to uphold the core pillar of Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM) and take joy in being able to make a difference as a QNET family.

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