As you draw close to the end of the holy month of Ramadan, take the opportunity to go on short, budget friendly holidays this Eid Al Fitr with your loved ones. Indulge in rafting in Antalya or get transported back in time through a former aristocratic Colonial-style mansion in Sri Lanka, whatever your style of holiday, Q-breaks has you covered.

Antalya, Turkey

Q-breaks budget friendly holidays Dogan Turkey (2)

Explore this Turkish Riviera and taste Antalya’s adventurous side with daily hikes into lush cedar forests of the Koprulu Canyon National Park. You can conquer raging rapids, visit the majestic Duden waterfalls, have a private getaway in one of the secluded beaches on the many islands on the Gulf of Antalya.

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Lose yourself in the scenic coastal town of Kaleiçi in the Antalya region of Turkey with the Q-breaks 5 days/4 nights Doğan Eid Break Package which includes complimentary dinner, complimentary cocktail, complimentary late check-out and early check-in. (available in your eStore)

Dadella Galle, Sri Lanka

Q-breaks budget friendly holidays Tamarind Hill Sri Lanka

A location that captures colonial style luxury, Tamarind Hill is a sprawling mansion that gives you the feel of going back in time. Book a 4 days/ 3 nights stay (available in your eStore) to experience a touch of the idyllic life.

Q-breaks budget friendly holidays Tamarind Hill Sri Lanka

Preserved down to its finest details, this luxurious house allows you to enjoy the charm of a bygone era and to feel what it truly was like to have lived in the opulence of the British colonial era. If you are looking for an intimate holiday experience that focuses on discreet, personalised services, this getaway is for you.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Q-breaks budget friendly holidays Prana Nandana Koh Samui Thailand (1)

In a previous post, we listed 12 Incredible Reasons To Vacation in Koh Samui. If those aren’t compelling enough reasons, listen to your inner foodie. In Thailand, a common greeting is ‘Have you eaten yet?’ – a sign of just how important food is to the Thai culture. Thai food is a complex and joyful expression of taste, visual presentation and balance over the course of a meal.

Q-breaks budget friendly holidays Prana Nandana Koh Samui Thailand (2)

Enjoy the delightful flavours of Thailand by booking a getaway to Prana Nandana at Koh Samui (available in your eStore). With a colourful nightlife, a myriad of entertainment and shopping centres, and a chance to get away from it all and lounge on Samui’s finest beach, you will have a holiday of a lifetime.

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