Formulated especially for men’s skin, DEFY, QNET’s latest range of skincare solutions for men, has multi-functional benefits packed into two mega-handy bottles that make skin care so easy. Here’s not one, but 6 reasons you’d be foolish not to fit it into your daily routine. Our V Partners and Associate V Partners swear by it!

VP Sathi Senathirajah DEFY‘As a man, I find DEFY’s design very catchy. The cleanser feels good on the skin after shaving and doesn’t leave any irritating sensation.’

V Partner Sathi Senathirajah

VP Ferdie Tolentino DEFY‘DEFY Dirt Fighter cleanses the skin thoroughly, which gives a refreshing feel. My complexion is smoother evidently after a week of application. Very manly.’

V Partner Ferdie Tolentino

VP Mahendra DEFY‘DEFY managed to reduce the oil on my skin and has a deep cleansing effect. I feel more refreshed and my skin enjoys more moisture.’

V Partner Mahendra Kumar

avp-hendra-nilam-DEFY‘I feel fresh and rejuvenated with DEFY. Dirt Fighter has a nice scent and Youth Tonic absorbs quickly into my skin, which alleviates the sticky feeling.’

Associate V Partner Hendra Nilam

VP Sachin Gupta DEFY‘DEFY has a user-friendly design for men. Dirt Fighter has a deep cleansing effect and the absorption rate of Youth Tonic is excellent. Thanks to DEFY, my skin is not as oily as before.’

Associate V Partner Sachin Gupta

avp-ibn-abbas-DEFY‘DEFY has reduced my wrinkles to a certain extent. It’s effective in fighting against oily skin. I will definitely recommend DEFY to others.’

Associate V Partner Ibn Abbas

avp-mohan-chidambaran-DEFY‘DEFY is handy and easy to use. I have totally switched to Dirt Fighter because of its great aftershave effects on me.’

Associate V Partner Mohan

*Disclaimer: The testimonials above are not fully representative of everyone’s experience with DEFY Dirt Fighter and Youth Tonic, and do not constitute a warranty or prediction on QNET’s part regarding the outcome of any individual using the products.

DEFY Dirty Fighter and Youth Tonic are available in your eStore. Pamper yourself with a pack today!

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