Let’s face it, you may not always be a pretty sight to behold. Although you may not notice, your woman certainly does.

But fret not, young man, because DEFY’s specially formulated products are here to bring out the real man in you . From now on, you’ve got a go-to team of face defenders to help you look your best and ensure that you’re getting more looks than the one staring back at you in the mirror.

It all starts with DEFY Dirt Fighter, your streetwise solution to shield your face against the ravages of urban living. In just one handy package you’ll find all the power of a cleanser, an exfoliant and shaving cream, all the ammunition you need to enter the battlefield every single day.

Powered by NVIRO-P, the latest in skincare innovation, the DEFY Dirt Fighter is power packed with an exclusive combination of active ingredients that protect your skin against environmental damage. Go ahead, I defy you to look them up here.

It’s so good, 84% of men who used it experienced an overall improvement in their skin texture.

Does science confuse you? Here’s the simple explanation. The DEFY Dirt Fighter is every cleanser your woman has ever bought, only better for you and in one handy, manly package.

But feeling clean is not enough. Real men show their skin some love, and we’ve got just the solution for that. Introducing DEFY Youth Tonic, the most potent and energising serum available to mankind. Backed by the proven effectiveness of TRI-GENICS, DEFY Youth Tonic features 3 wrinkle-fighting peptides that balance moisture levels, control oil and reduce wrinkles. Just one dose is enough to last you all day and ensure your face emerges the champion from the daily grind.

Don’t believe the hype? We’ve got the numbers to back it up! DEFY Youth Tonic will reduce wrinkles on your face by 17% in just 25 days, and you’ll be feeling like a new man in no time!

The best part? Everyone else will notice too, and you’ll know you just found a new level in manliness. From that day onwards, no longer will you live in the denial that your charm is enough. No longer will your face shine brighter than your personality. And never, ever again will a soap bar be enough.

It’s time to drop your ego and fix yourself up. It’s time to man up, son . DEFY Dirt Fighter and DEFY Youth Tonic are now available in your eStore. Stock up, now! 

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