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Making The First Impression: What Your Face Says About You

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Bet you didn’t know that it takes only seven seconds for someone to form a first impression of you. The researchers at New York University said so. In just seven seconds, 11 initial judgments will be made, more than enough for the girl you fancy to decide whether you’re worth the effort or not, and for whatever smart-guy talk you have rolled up your sleeve to be all for nothing. Making the first impression, it matters! 

So what are the keys to a good first impression? Its actually really simple, as we detail below.

Posture Is Everything

Firstly, confidence truly does win. If you come across as a self-assured guy, it gives her the confidence that you have what it takes to be a winner in life, which is what every girl wants, really.

The key to a confident posture is to be casually relaxed. Hold yourself high, keep your shoulders rolled up, raise your head, and send the message that you’re someone who is worthy of others’ attention and affection. With this sort of posture, you’ll be genetically imprinting in her mind the image of a man who is worth seeing again. You might know it as a little something called ‘curiosity’. 

Maintain Eye Contact

This is the most widely quoted yet most poorly followed advice, which means that if you abide by it you’re already ahead of most guys in the game.

If you approach a woman while slumped, crossing your arms and looking at the floor, you’ve already lost. It won’t matter what you say thereafter, because she’ll pin you as someone who has a negative attitude or low self-confidence. Instead of that pathetic approach, introduce yourself in a gentlemanly manner (some might call it ‘old school’, but there’s a reason why it works) while projecting kindness and open-mindedness through your eyes. This doesn’t only ensure strong eye contact but also shows a certain amount of daring. After all, many so-called ‘macho’ men would rather come up with a cocky one-liner than genuinely introduce themselves and leave themselves in a vulnerable state.

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Let’s be clear about one thing though. Giving a girl ‘eye contact’ means being engaging, not giving her the death stare. Never mistake the two.

Fix Up, Look Sharp

A well groomed and dressed man always has the advantage. Why? Because he comes across as someone who is powerful. And powerful people usually get what they want.

Most importantly, however, looking sharp makes you feel sharper too. Scientific studies have proven that when people dress in darker and more business-oriented clothing, their mindset switches from “relaxed mode” to “professional mode”, triggering more goal-driven behaviour (such as better posture, a firmer handshake and more eye contact). This subconscious shift in behaviour in turn gives you more visual power, and makes you more compelling as an individual.

The same applies to the dating world. In order to feel like a powerful and self-assured man that can aim and score in the game of love, you need to feel that inner casanova with every bone in your body. To do so, invest in good quality clothing that make you look like the real deal and never, ever forget about the importance of a great skincare routine. In no time, you’ll feel like a bona fide connoisseur of grooming and style!

Making a first impression isn’t meant to be easy, which is why that little bit of inner confidence could make the difference between ‘score’ and ‘bore’. Man up, pick DEFY up in your eStore, and make it happen today! 

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