Saturday, May 21, 2022

All The tripsavr Marketing Materials You Need Are Now Online

The launch of tripsavr took us all by storm and disrupted the online travel industry with its unique offering of travel savings with no travel restrictions or blackout dates, all in one easy-to-use website. We gave you 5 Reasons To Book Your Next Holiday On tripsavr and if that hasn’t convinced you, you get a chance to look through all of our printed material and discover the magic of tripsavr for yourself.

tripsavr helps you create a fantastic travel experience from when you start browsing for holiday options right until you return home. Designed to save you all the hassles of finding and booking a perfect holiday, and to help you save money, tripsavr will soon become your preferred way to travel.

All of the useful resources you need to fully understand tripsavr, including helpful information about the website, all print materials and videos, all tripsavr marketing materials can be found here – tripsavr- Resources. You can also except to find tripsavr’s sales sheet, brochure, blitz card and printable banners here.

What’s more, not only are all of these marketing materials are available in 8 different language to cater to your preference, you can also sign up for our in-house webinar training sessions conducted by our product experts. Conducted in English, Arabic and Russian, you can look at the calendar and pick a date from the schedule that suits you.

For further information on tripsavr visit or contact us at +603 7949 8288 from Monday – Friday, 12pm-6am, Saturday 12am – 6am, or email us at

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