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Network Marketing Champions Series: Eric Worre

When it comes to network marketing, no one has more claim to fame than Eric Worre. He is a leader in the network marketing profession, with over 28 years of experience as an independent distributor. Now retired, he focusses his full attention to Network Marketing Pro, a website with a viewership of over 5 million people a day. His impressive CV aside, what makes him such a popular role model of choice for networkers worldwide?

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Eric Worre has trained thousands and thousands people on direct sales and personal development, inspiring and educating both people and MLM companies. Rather than keeping the success to himself, Eric is known for sharing strategies that have worked for him and bringing to the fore professional network marketing qualities he has been living proof of. His dedication to professional network marketing has given rise to a must-watch documentary styled film ‘Rise of the Entrepreneur’ which helps debunk some of the varied misconceptions related to direct selling and network marketing.Eric Worre Quote 1

Eric’s views on direct selling closely mirrors QNET’s strong commitment to professional network marketing and our #qnetpro pledge. His life’s journey is the ultimate testament to hard-work and resilience. Eric tried and failed many times in his life before he got into the home business industry. At the time he came to known about a unique business opportunity, he was struggling to make ends meet and his business with his dad was failing.

What started off as an attempt to make additional income became a life changing opportunity, one he ended up dedicating his full time to. His initial investment began with him taking the bold step to take a loan. Over the years, he has earned back that money a hundreds of thousands of times over. However, despite his having a net worth of over 15 million dollars, money is not his number one priority. He continues to focus his attention on Network Marketing Pro and in reaching even more people so he can open their minds to the incredible transformation your life can have through network marketing.

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Through his example, we learn that nurturing a mindset for network marketing success is important. We also know that it is of paramount importance to take responsibility for your own decisions, and to keep improving yourself by learning new skills, be it in the fields of personal development or leadership. More than anything, Eric Worre is true proof of how success doesn’t come to you just because you want it to, it takes passion and a commitment to see things through. He is proof that taking short cuts is not the answer but by strictly following professional network marketing values and making them non-negotiable in your business, you are setting yourself up for great success.

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