Tripsavr India Holiday Destination

QNET’s latest holiday offering tripsavr has already seen an incredible amount bookings over the past few months, with India emerging as one of the top holiday destinations of choice. Beyond India’s rich history, her awe-inspiring architecture, and resplendent traditional art, music and dance, what makes India so attractive? With so many holiday options around the world, why is India a trending travel destination on tripsavr and among our IRs?


Tripsavr_India_KashmirKashmir scenery. Image by Michal Svec / CC by 2.0

Be it magnificent snow-capped mountains or warm sandy beaches, luscious tea estates or breath-taking rivers, India has something for everyone. North to south, east to west, India’s dramatic terrain and resplendent natural beauty leaves enough opportunities to explore or relax to your hearts content.


Tripsavr_India_Indian PeopleGarba Raas. Image by Restless mind / CC by 2.0

You can’t help but fall in love with the people that make this country such an incredible destination. They are marvellous, generous, happy and will do everything it takes to make you feel like a part of their family. You will be invited to share a meal with a stranger and dance with wild abandon with the same ease as it takes for them to smile. The beauty of India lies in its people and their extraordinary ability to open your heart, form connections and nurture life-long friendships.


Tripsavr_India_Vegetarian_CurryThe classic Indian thali. Image Source Wikipedia

India offers you a heady culinary trip you will not soon forget, there’s a reason Indian cuisine is a favourite world-wide. In India, you are offered a diverse repertoire of melt-in-your-mouth dishes, each region having its own distinct style. Savoury or desserts, the flavours are passed down from generation to generation and are brewed with such mastery that you will find yourself in food heaven from the very first bite.

If you’re looking for an experience to excite you, to challenge you, to change you, India is it! With tripsavr, our all-new, super easy and convenient way to book your next trip, available in your eStore, you can be well on your way to an adventure you won’t soon forget.

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