Direct Selling Myths QNETPRO

Probably the biggest reason the network marketing industry often faces negative perceptions is the misguided knowledge most people have about it. Direct Selling Myths are so common, they have caused so many to develop prejudice against the business, preventing them from appreciating what it’s truly about.

Here are some of the most rampant ones:

Myth # 1: Direct Selling is a Pyramid Scheme.

Because network marketing entails referring people to represent the business as part of your team, many people mistake it as being exactly the same as notorious pyramid schemes.

TRUTH: Pyramid schemes focus on recruiting people and not much else. They make promises about making you rich, only to leave you under the bus when resources eventually (and rather quickly) run out, with only the people at the top of the pyramid actually earning anything. On the other hand, legitimate direct selling companies focus on selling real products and have a sustainable compensation plan. They are also governed by laws, which protect the interests of both the company and the networkers.

Myth # 2: Direct Selling is only for stay-at-home moms.

People associate direct selling with stay-at-home moms in the belief that the business does not require work experience or education.

TRUTH: First of all, being a stay-at-home mom does not mean one lacks education and work-related skills. Secondly, direct selling definitely requires a lot of mental capacity and various skills to bring desirable results. What makes direct selling awesome is that it does not discriminate based on a person’s background – anyone with the determination to learn about the business and work hard to reach sales goals can be successful at it.

Myth # 3: Direct Selling is easy money.

In relation to Myth # 1, people think direct selling is a get-rich-quick scheme where you don’t have to place good effort to earn money and have little to no risks in entering the business.

TRUTH: It cannot be stressed enough that, just like in any other profession, plenty of hard work is required to become successful in network marketing. You need to learn how to effectively communicate with people, have full understanding of the business and products you’re selling, and know how to manage your time and your team. Direct selling is not easy; but done the right way, it surely is immensely rewarding.

As a #qnetpro, we have the power to educate people and help them understand the real significance of network marketing by debunking their misconceptions, one direct selling myth at a time. Are you with us?

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