Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Real Men Don’t Use Soap Bars

Alright, kids! Time for that science lesson you’ve been waiting for! Today’s lesson: why you shouldn’t be using a soap bar on your face (or “how to stop living in the 80s”).

For some reason, men of all times and eras seem to believe that using soap bars shows how manly they are. They call it ‘being rational’, but we call it ‘being deluded and on the fast track to looking like the saggy guitarist of a has-been band. Real men don’t use soap bars. Here are some rock solid reasons why!

Acid vs Alkaline

Just like your personality, your skin is acidic, and that means it shouldn’t go around mixing with all those alkaline kids from the wrong side of the tracks.

Unfortunately, soap bars are alkaline based, which makes them a no-go. If it comes in contact with your skin, your pH balance gets disrupted and the growth of acne-causing bacteria gets encouraged, causing more nerdy breakouts on your face.

Losing Your Natural Oils

No, this is not a spa retreat; it’s real life.

When the alkaline soap bar hits your acidic skin, it also disrupts your skin’s natural barrier function (consisting of natural oils), which usually hydrates your skin and locks in well-needed moisture. As a consequence, this means that water evaporates more quickly from your face and your dry skin becomes even drier.  This can even lead to even drier skin, eventually resulting in your face looking more like a prune than a human.

OK, we’re exaggerating, but you get the point.

Thicker Skin

In this case, that’s not a good thing, because we’re not talking about “taking it like a man”.

Thickeners are substances used to hold the soap bar together, and its effect on your skin is not something to be smiling about. Instead of gently exfoliating your skin and letting your pores breathe, the thickeners clog up the pores, not allowing your skin cells to undergo their usual processes.

You may not notice it at first, but in the long run, this clogging of the pores can lead to even more acne and dehydration.

“What’s that on your skin?”

If science doesn’t convince you, we’re sure this one will.

After using a soap bar on your skin, a thin layer of soap is often left behind, appearing like a film on your skin. As this only forms after your skin has dried, it is not something that you would usually notice. However, it is the ultimate turn-off for any lady whom you’re looking to impress.

So there you have it guys – four very convincing reasons to get off the delusion train and start treating your face with some respect. To do so, use our especially formulated DEFY Dirt Fighter and DEFY Youth Tonic (available in your eStore) that will give your skin the acidic love it craves while getting your shy little pores to come out of their shells a little bit more.

Remember, excuses and cop-outs simply don’t cut it anymore. You’re a grown up now, and its time to man up, son!

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