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Network Marketing Champions Series: Tony Robbins

Network marketing – a term heavily misunderstood by many, and yet, for those who can truly grasp its concept, it can serve as an empowering tool for achieving financial freedom. No one knows this better than Tony Robbins, an American motivational speaker, personal finance instructor and self-help author. Through his series of books and seminars, he has touched the lives of millions of people looking for personal and financial breakthroughs. His achievements as a life performance coach was recognised in 2007 when he made it to Forbes magazine’s “Celebrity 100” list.

Although a mega-success icon in present day, Tony’s early life was anything short of easy. Despite the odds stacked against him, and not having a higher education, he started his own work as a self-coach, and today, he is estimated to have a net worth of over USD 500 million.

What does the father of the life-coach training industry think of network marketing?

In a sit-down with Eric Worre, a leader in his own right in the network marketing profession, Tony shared his thoughts on the beauty of network marketing and its true potential to attain financial independence, if done right. His views on the industry is something every #qnetpro should keep in mind while being in the business.

Message #1: You are a business owner

“What’s beautiful about network marketing is that you have all the benefits of being an owner, but you don’t have to be worried about supply chains [or the intricate details of running a business].”

The main benefit of being a networker is that you get to own a business without the risks and headaches associated with embarking on a traditional business venture from the scratch. Here, you are given all the tools and knowledge needed to succeed, and all you have to do is have the commitment and drive to do so.

Message #2: You are a value creator

“If you can go out and add value to other people’s lives, if you can introduce people to a product or a service that the company represents, that truly is extraordinary.”

As a network marketer, success starts with one’s own self. Your job doesn’t entail pumping people up and getting them excited at the thought of making money, but it is to teach them real skill sets that they can then use to bring about positive impact to others. Instead of just dabbling in the business for the sake of trying out, or to make quick money, you need to look at the business as an endless opportunity for self-improvement and be committed to developing yourself as an authority in your field. At the same time, you need to also spend the time to build each and every member of your team so they too can improve their own lives.

Message #3: Your motive matters

“The most successful entrepreneurs have motive that includes themselves, but they want to do something that is going to change the world [or] make it different.”

The reputation of the network marketing industry often suffers because in most instances, people appear to be in the business for something larger than themselves, when really, it is all about them. There is definitely nothing wrong in wanting money and success for yourself, but at times, it is important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. If your sole focus is to make money, it would often come off as a business transaction to the people you want to reach, instead of something that adds value to their lives. The best way to become wealthy is to have passion for people and find a mission greater than yourself. The more you do for others and be the agent that brings about positive change in their lives, the more you will see yourself grow into the successful person that you want to be.

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