LifeQode, QNET’s favourite range of health and wellness products, has an incredible product in its arsenal of effective life-enhancing supplements – EDG3. EDG3 is formulated with patented amino acid blend which acts as a precursor to Glutathione. This means that by taking EDG3, you are priming your body to produce Glutathione naturally.

Here’s what some of our IRs have to say about EDG3’s amazing results and why it is their favourite health product from QNET. 

 EDG3 Testimonial Justin MyanmarDecreased Back Pain And Stronger Immunity

I see a decrease in my back pain problem after taking EDG3 for two weeks. As a nurse, I often fall ill because I care for ill patients. I have noticed that after using EDG3, my immune system has become stronger and I seldom fall ill. I’ve been taking EDG3 for the past 7 months. EDG3 is a wonderful product and I think everyone should be using it.

Justin, Myanmar

 EDG3 Testimonial Swee Zin Mee MyanmarReduced Pimples and Dark Spots

I used to have many pimples and dark spots on my face due to lack of sleep. I noticed that after using EDG3, my skin has become brighter, and I do not have any pimples now. EDG3 is my favorite product. 

Swe Zin Moe, Myanmar

 EDG3 Testimonial Khin San Aye SingaporeKnee Pain Relieved

I suffered from breast cancer 11 years ago and I am diabetic. The treatment and medicines have caused a lot of side effects on my body such as knee pain and back pain. I’m happy that after using EDG3 for 3 months, my knee pain is getting better now. 

Khin San Aye, Singapore

 Sandra LiewMenstrual Cycle Has Become Regular

I was never a supplement person. I was diagnosed with fibroid 10 years ago, and underwent surgery. In 2015, the fibroid grew again and I used to bleed profusely. This time, I did not go for surgery but choose to try traditional Chinese medicine. Unfortunately, this always made me feel dizzy and my haemoglobin levels were abnormally low. After taking EDG3 for 2 months, my menstrual cycle is back to normal and I do not feel dizzy anymore. 

Sandra Liew, Singapore

 EDG3 Testimonial Shan Lim SingaporeBetter Memory, Greater Energy And Mental Focus

I’ve been using EDG3 for more than 8 months. I used EDG3 because I have a busy lifestyle and I need more energy to complete my work. After using EDG3 for 3 weeks, my energy levels have increased, my mental focus is better and even my memory is getting better. LifeQode EDG3 is fantastic!

Shan Lim, Singapore

 EDG3 Testimonial Celeste MalaysiaIrregular Menstrual Cycle Regularised

I used to have irregular menstrual cycles and had tried many supplements and traditional Chinese medicine before. However, none of them worked. My friends introduced EDG3 to me. Surprisingly, my period became more regular after using EDG3 for 2 months. Thank you EDG3 for solving my long term menstrual problem.

Celeste Seah, Malaysia

 EDG3 Testimonial Wewe Lim MalaysiaSinusitis Reduced

I suffer from sinusitis since I was young. It was very uncomfortable because I found it hard to breathe due to blocked nose caused by the sinus problem. I’m glad that after taking EDG3, my sinus symptoms have reduced tremendously. 

Wewe Lim, Malaysia

*Disclaimer: The testimonials above are not fully representative of everyone’s experience with EDG3, and do not constitute a warranty or prediction on QNET’s part regarding the outcome of any individual using the products.

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