Associate V Partner Gita Hartanto’s wife Ibu Ratna expresses her gratitude and respect to the crowd for their support and warm welcome.

In an unforgettable Gold Star recognition event, and as part of the Hong Kong edition of the inspirational Network Seminar Series (NSS) organised by The V, QNET Hong Kong welcomed 47 new Gold Stars into the Achievers’ Club family in front of a 750 strong crowd of Independent Representatives.

Platinum Star, Associate V Partner Gita Hartanto took to the stage to share his incredible story and inspire the audience to Prove Them Wrong. Gita shared that people who are spirited and motivated tend to live better lives than the rest. He spoke about how people who succeed are those who do not procrastinate and do things as carefully and as quickly as possible.

Our very own Director of Finance and Planning, Cathy Zhou imparted a special message to the IRs. She said that it very important to communicate and work with all your heart because our hearts transcend any language or differences. She also spoke about the roots of the Achievers’ Club and how it has grown to be a life-changing success platform for everyone. She welcomed the new Gold Stars with high regards for their hard work and perseverance.

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The audience was also treated to a speech by V Council Thapa Thoran. He shared the story of his inspirational journey towards achieving his V Ambassador title at V-Malaysia 2016.

Apart from the incredible sharing of these role-models, our Health and Beauty Specialist Sunny Shaper conducted exclusive pre-event trainings on the Physio Radiance beauty and skincare range of products for our Hong Kong IRs. This resulted to the certification of 7 IRs as Beauty Advisors in the event. Sunny also gave an all-encompassing training focusing on the importance of Glutathione and how EDG3 can help us reap its incredible health benefits.

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