As you reach for the shaving cream and knock over your girlfriend’s creams and moisturisers (that you’ve admittedly used more than once), you wonder if all those expensive potions are worth the plastic they’re packaged in. Well, it’s time to wake up and realise that not all skin care products are marketing ploys aimed at separating narcissistic men from their hard earned money.

You may think that stealing some of your lady’s skincare products will do the trick, but we’re here to tell you that no matter how well you dress up and how many selfies you take, if you have skin that is dull, lifeless and blotchy, you’re not going to look your finest. So you best be listening to this debate on Men’s Skin vs Women’s Skin. 

“But if we discount all the extra hair, our skin is basically the same as our girlfriends’, right!?” No my friend, it really isn’t. And here’s why:

Men Have Thicker Skin than Women

No, that wasn’t a sexist comment. Literally, a man’s skin is about 25 percent thicker than that of a woman’s. This is due to the fact that adult males produce about 10 times more testosterone as women, making their skin thicker. Testosterone employs its effects by acting on receptors found throughout the body and the skin extremities like hairs, glands and cells.

Due to the thickness of their skin, men actually age slower than women (you might want to keep that to yourself though, to avoid any unnecessary arguments). Don’t be counting your blessings just yet though, because men also have more active oil producing glands and larger pores, making you more prone to acne and various bacterial infections.

Sweat It Out

In general, men perspire twice as much as women and have more lactic acid in their perspiration. In between pumping out those natural oils and sprouting course thick hair (as glorious as that fuzz is), it means men’s pores are much larger and more susceptible to having facial rashes and acne breakouts. In addition to naturally sweating more, it’s known that men spend more time outdoors then an average woman, which can mean a higher risk of skin problems. Being exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight generates high-energy particles called free radicals that attack skin cells. The attack destroys collagen and damages cellular DNA, which can lead to skin damage, sun spots, premature ageing and even cancer. 

It’s a Rough Life

When it comes to skin texture, men have a much rougher feel. Due to skin thickness, hormones, oil production, facial hair and shaving, it’s no wonder our faces don’t feel like a baby’s rear end. Men also tend to have acne that lasts a lot longer than women due to the skin texture, meaning the products that work on our girl, may not work for us.

So, what can you do besides worry about the fact you can no longer steal your girlfriend’s skincare to make life easy? DEFY face defenders, available in your eStore, are here to make it simple. In just five minutes per day, you get all your skincare needs in just two easy-to-use products; The Dirt Fighter and the Youth Tonic. The Dirt Fighter will act as your powerful cleanser, exfoliant and shaving cream with a combination of expert technology and NVIRO-P active ingredients. The Youth Tonic is a concentrated serum with anti-ageing ingredients that common moisturisers don’t have room for. It controls oils and repairs moisture balance all day long.

With that, it’s time to drop the laziness (and your girlfriend’s moisturiser) and get going! Its time to man up, son! 

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