Sunday, May 22, 2022

Premium Videos From KLIK Coming Soon To VTube+

Here’s some good news! Come September 8, VTube+ will be home to all videos that make up the vast digital library of your beloved KLIK. Through this fantastic move, VTube+ will now give you access to all the incredible and premium networking videos that aim to nurture network marketing professionals like you.

You can now watch full length videos of sessions from various The V and QNET events that you couldn’t attend but want to learn from. Unlock your full potential and discover your inner entrepreneur by learning trade secrets, and network marketing lessons from your favourite experts, V Ambassadors and leaders. Full session videos range from an hour to an hour and a half and will be a great addition to all the short clips already featured on VTube+

This merger comes just in time for our 18th Anniversary and will see the evolution of KLIK as a part of QNET’s hottest digital product, VTube+! For questions or concerns, and for more information, please contact

To download the VTube+ App for free, visit Google Play and the Apple App Store today.

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