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Under the umbrella of Sustainable Energy and Water Management Week, the annual Global Water Conference 2016 was hosted in Myanmar around the theme ‘Sustainable Water: The Keystone for Economy, Environment, Health and Security’. Supported by the Myanmar Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development, and Southeast Asian Water Utilities Network, the conference addressed the issues of water supply and resources management in the Southeast Asia region.

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QNET sent a delegate to this important conference as we are invested in developing quality water technology, and in being up to date on the various water related issues and water contaminants crisis that ail the world. The eye-opening conference taught us many statistics that will feed into our work with the HomePure range of water filters. It will also feed into the kind of training and information we provide to our Independent Representatives (IRs).

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Image Source: Global Water Conference 2016 Brochure

Some of the important facts* we learnt related to the water resources in Myanmar are highlighted below.

  • Myanmar is blessed with abundant renewable water resources.
  • Urban systems of water supply are generally outdated and the quality of water is poor.
  • Yangon and Mandalay only supply partially treated water and only 34.5% of the population carry out home water treatments, and unsafe drinking water-coverage is 33.1%

In addition to these facts, Deputy Director of Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems U Aung Myo Khaing declared that Myanmar is now facing unexpected challenges of toxic chemical contamination from mining activities, agriculture and industrial development.

*Source: Global Water Conference


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