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QNET Singapore Heads to the Beach with an Environmental Mission


QNET Singapore made their way to East Coast Park for a beach cleanup activity as part of the Staff Social Responsibility under RYTHM Foundation.

After a safety briefing at the office, QNET Singapore staff spent an afternoon picking up man-made trash from the shoreline of East Coast Park. Armed with gloves, tongs and trash bags, they collected discarded cigarette butts, tissue papers, plastic wrappers, bottle caps and broken glass found scattered on the sand and wedged between tree roots within the allocated area.      

The activity was done in cooperation with the Public Hygiene Council and National Environment Agency (NEA), who have been leading the Keep Singapore Clean Movement since its inception in 2012. The movement aims to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of Singapore by having various organisations and individuals pledge to take ownership of their environment and take special care of public spaces for their own benefit and that of future generations.

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