Access your Swiss eLearning modules wherever you are – at home in front of your computer or while on-the-go on your mobile phone. Then, challenge yourself with learning games designed to boost your knowledge and make study time more interactive and fun. Complete each game, achieve high scores, and treat each accomplishment as a badge of honour! Harness the power of education right at your fingertips.

Welcome to the future of Education, where you can learn and develop yourself in a fun, relaxed, and competitive way.

The new Swiss eLearning Institute app allows you to participate in courses where students can earn points and badges by completing tasks, advance through levels, and see leader boards to introduce a fun competitive spirit in the learning method.

Getting started is easy, Login with your User ID and Password and you will be directed to your dashboard containing the list of courses you are enrolled in.

Keep track with the course calendar, to-do list, and all relevant announcements. Featuring all sorts of interactive content from videos and presentations to quizzes, the gamification system will keep you motivated to stay on top of your class while competing with your peers!

Collect as many awards as possible and show off with friends and family, with the Swiss eLearning Institute app, learning is fun! What are you waiting for? Visit your eStore today or download FREE now!

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